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What’s ArguMap, what does it do,
and what makes it unique?

ArguMap (and its paid-up-front version, ArguMap Pro) is the world’s first iOS app that is dedicated exclusively to the diagramming of arguments.  Just as ordinary maps help us to figure out where to go geographically, so argument maps guide us in constructing strong arguments.  By making it easy to visualize lines of reasoning, ArguMap helps its users to improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Unique Features

While the App Store contains many mind-mapping apps, none of them are specifically or optimally designed for the mapping of the essential ingredients of lines of reasoning / arguments. ArguMap’s argument-mapping features include the following:

  • Grouping, ungrouping, and connecting claims

    ArguMap allows its users easily to group claims together to show how they jointly (rather than independently) provide reasons in favor of a conclusion. ArguMap makes that grouping of claims as easy as dragging them onto each other. Claims can be ungrouped just as easily, by dragging them out of a group. With simple drags and taps, ArguMap users can also quickly connect or disconnect parts of a map. As a result, trying out different lines of reasoning is as easy as arranging cards on a table.

  • Dedicated supporting / challenging connectors

    ArguMap users can make use of connecting arrows specifically tailored to depicting how certain claims either support (solid green line) or challenge (dotted red line) other claims.

  • Connectors depicting reasons of differing strength

    With thicker or thinner connecting lines, ArguMap can show how some premises offer stronger or weaker reasons in favor of their argument’s conclusion.


Other Great Features

  • Ability to comment on and share maps— ideal for education settings

    Individuals can provide feedback on the various parts of a map using collapsible notes. Commented-on maps can then be shared with their creators via email, AirDrop, text, or other sharing mechanisms. This is great, for instance, for teachers to provide feedback on student work and to help their students improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills. ArguMap can easily be used in conjunction with Apple’s Classroom app for teachers to distribute argument maps to students and to collect argument maps from them.

  • Native integration with the iOS file system and cloud storage / sync

    ArguMap allows its users to save and organize argument maps via the iOS file browser. This integration makes available the option to save maps in the cloud using various cloud storage providers: for instance, iCloud or Dropbox.  Syncing via the cloud allows maps to be viewed and edited on a user’s multiple devices.

  • Optimization for use with a keyboard

    iPad users can take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform various common tasks in argument map creation.


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ArguMap comes in two versions:

This version is free to download and can be used forever as an argument map viewer. Users have access to a free 30-day trial of the app’s powerful map-editing functionality. A one-time in-app purchase of $8.99 unlocks those editing features for use beyond the trial period.


ArguMap Pro:
This version is available for $8.99 and comes with the app’s map-editing features already unlocked. ArguMap Pro is ideal for institutional purchases and for families seeking to share the app via Family Sharing.



ArguMap and ArguMap Pro will be available in the App Store, for any iOS device running iOS 14 or greater, in all territories the App Store supports, on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

About Me

My name is Chad Mohler, and I’m the creator, developer, and designer of ArguMap. I’ve had a love of technology and All Things Apple ever since I started programming simple educational games way back in fifth grade, on one of my school’s two(!) Apple ][ computers. I am now a Professor of Philosophy at Truman State University, Missouri’s premier public liberal arts institution, where I bring my passion for technology to the classroom. I do my best to use it effectively to guide my students to a better understanding of important philosophical concepts and theories. ArguMap was borne out of my interest in helping my students develop in their ability to offer insightful philosophical arguments of their own. Partly in recognition of my efforts, I was selected in 2019 as an Apple Distinguished Educator.


I am very happy to answer any additional questions you have and to supply you with any additional information that you need. You can reach me at

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