Using ArguMap with Apple's Classroom app

It’s easy for teachers and students
to share ArguMap-created maps
using Apple’s Classroom app. 

via Apple School Manager, educational institutions can purchase ArguMap Pro
the paid-up-front version of ArguMap— at 50% off for 20 or more licenses.

A teacher sharing a map with multiple students

Here you can see the iPad of a teacher, in split-screen mode, with the Classroom app on the left and ArguMap on the right.

The shared map automatically gets distributed to all the teacher’s students.

A student sharing a map with a teacher

Here you can see how a student, Sarah, can AirDrop her map to the Classroom app on the teacher’s iPad.

Providing feedback to students

Teachers can also add comments to the maps they receive from students.  Subsequently, they can return those maps to students using AirDrop.

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