ArguMap User Guide

Check out the various tips below for using ArguMap!

Claim and group bubbles

Tap the map canvas to access the claim creation pop-up menu.

Double-tap a bubble to edit its text.

Tap a bubble to display arrows
for resizing the bubble.

Long press a bubble to access its pop-up menu.

Drag a bubble or group of bubbles onto another bubble or group of bubbles to make a group out of them.


Double-tap a map object—  on the second tap, hold and drag to create a connector.

Alternatively, tap two map objects at the same time to create a connector between them.

One final way to create a connector: via a bubble's pop-up menu

Long press and drag a connector to change its destination.

Tap a connector to access its pop-up menu.

Change a connector's type via its pop-up menu.

Reverse the connector's arrowhead via its pop-up menu.

Use a connector's pop-up menu to change the "strength" of the connector.

Selecting Multiple Bubbles

To select multiple bubbles, double-tap-and-drag over the bubbles to select them.

Tap on the map canvas to cancel a selection.

Once an initial selection is made, tapping on additional bubbles adds them to the selection (if they aren't already part of the selection) or subtracts them from the selection (if they are already part of the selection).

Once a selection is made, dragging on any of the selected bubbles will move the entire selection.

Use the cut/copy menu that appears to cut or copy the selection. (A connector is copied if its endpoints are both on bubbles in the selection.)

Once a selection is cut/copied, tap the map canvas and select the "Paste selection?" item in the menu that appears to paste the selection at that point on the map.


Use a bubble's pop-up menu to create a comment.

Tap a comment to read or edit it.

Tap and hold a comment to access its pop-up menu.

Resizing the Map

Double tap the map canvas to resize the map to the width needed to fit its components.

Sharing Items

You can share your map (in multiple formats) via the share option accessible in the map's pop-up menu.

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