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the world’s first iOS, iPadOS, and macOS app that is dedicated exclusively to the diagramming of arguments

While the App Store contains many mind-mapping apps, none of them are specifically or optimally designed for the mapping of the essential ingredients of lines of reasoning / arguments: premises, conclusions, objections, counter-objections, and the expressions of the logical relations among all those propositions. ArguMap has been tailored and optimized for that kind of argument visualization activity.


The cognitive benefits of argument mapping

Just as geographical maps help us to navigate the physical world, so argument maps help us to get around the world of reasoning.  Research1,2,3,4 suggests that people using argument maps can improve in their critical thinking and in understanding various lines of argument they encounter in diverse subject areas.

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Features unique to ArguMap

Click on any image to see a short video clip illustrating the feature.

Grouping of claims

Sometimes what counts as a reason for a statement is a claim standing on its own, but frequently what counts as the reason are multiple claims working together to support the statement.  ArguMap makes that grouping of claims as easy as dragging them onto each other.


Dedicated supporting / challenging connectors

ArguMap users can make use of connecting arrows specifically tailored to depicting how certain claims either support (solid green line) or challenge (dotted red line) other claims.


Connectors depicting reasons of differing strength

With thicker or thinner connecting lines, ArguMap can show how some premises offer stronger or weaker reasons in favor of the argument’s conclusion.


Feedback on map components

Individuals can provide feedback on the various parts of a map using virtual notes. Commented-on maps can then be shared with their creators via email or AirDrop.


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