Privacy Policy for ArguMap and ArguMap Pro

Your privacy means the world to us!  Please read the following carefully; by using ArguMap or ArguMap Pro, you are consenting to this privacy policy.

In order properly to display and allow the modification of argument map documents (“maps”), both ArguMap and ArguMap Pro access the maps the user (“you”) loads or creates.  AppsolutelyFun, LLC (“we”,”us”,”our") has no access to that data.  

At your discretion, you can choose to save maps to the locations of various online storage providers (for instance, iCloud or Dropbox).  Once again, we have no access to that data.  If you are concerned about whether and how those online storage providers can access / use that data (and for what purposes), you should consult those providers’ respective privacy policies.  You also always have the option of saving maps solely to the local storage of the device on which you run either ArguMap or ArguMap Pro.

ArguMap uses Apple as a payment provider for in-app purchases. We also receive anonymous, aggregated analytics data from Apple about ArguMap and ArguMap Pro, and we use that data to help us improve both apps.  Apple’s Privacy Policy can be found here.

To manage and facilitate in-app purchases, ArguMap uses a service named RevenueCat. RevenueCat provides us with data on when you first used the app, when you last used the app, your country, and what in-app purchases you have made. We use that anonymized information to help us improve the app, and that data is not shared with third parties.  No other information (such as your name, IP address, email address, physical address, or a more specific location) is collected, transmitted, or provided to us. ArguMap does not send custom app user IDs or attribution information to RevenueCat.  For more information about RevenueCat, please see RevenueCat's privacy policy.

If you email us for support or other feedback, the email messages and email addresses will be retained. The content of your messages helps us improve ArguMap and ArguMap Pro. The email addresses will only be used to reply to the concerns or suggestions raised.

Other than as described above, we have no access to user-specific data; and other than as described above, we do not use or share user-specific data except as required by law.

Changes to this policy will be posted here.

For more info or support, feel free to contact us:  Happy mapping!

For more info, feel free to contact us:

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